About School

Daffodils Academy is located in the clean and green surroundings of village Shakarpur Mafi near Rajupur in Deoband Tehsil of Saharanpur district. The school is situated on a 2 acre plot that has a neat,clean and healthy environment. School building has spacious and well ventilated airy classroom of 625 square feet each.

School building is designed to be earthquake resistant on RCC frame structure. Daffodils Academy has a playground and assembly ground and provision of all co-curricular and extra curricular activities for holistic development of students. Daffodils Academy has been,since it's inception, serving a great purpose by providing education to those who need it most in an area that is not so developed from socio-economic point of view.
Daffodils Academy has made quality education available to under privilege society that could not afford expensive education of city schools.